Back to School

   During the winter break I went shopping for Christmas gifts over at at Ala Moana and Windward Mall on the following days leading up to Christmas Day. A few days before Christmas I had brunch with my paternal grandparents at Haleiwa Joe’s after having not met them in months due to busyness  and on the 25th I spent some family time over dinner dinner with my family: most of my cousins, my nephew, uncles, sister, and my maternal grandparents at their house. For our Christmas dinner we had a beef roast, mashed potatoes, sashimi, and ham which were brought over by family, similar to a potluck. The day after Christmas I spent the next 3 days sick with a stomach flu and fever, I haven’t experienced worse ailments than this. On New Years Eve I watched the fireworks during the final hour leading up to the new year. And on the last few days before the end of my vacation I had went searching with my dad for parts to fix my his computer and ways to get him back to being able to get back to working on his business. So in summary I enjoyed my time spent relaxing throughout my Christmas break but as always it felt too short, probably because of a feeling of mild loathing getting back into waking up and going to bed early in the morning.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!


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