Downloading from the Internet

When downloading content from the Internet I almost always use a website to do it, rarely would I ever download something off of the Internet with a program on my computer.  The website that I mainly use is “”, I use it in the manner that it is meant to be used for-taking the audio from a Youtube video to listen to later, usually music videos.


I feel that Bit Torrent is not safe enough for me to put on a school computer, a family member, or a friend’s computer. But I think that Bit Torrent is good for those who want to share files with the Internet quickly and bittorrentefficiently, the thing about a system where someone could distribute content to a wide audience by just putting it out there for everyone to take and distribute to other users is that it makes it difficult to enforce copyright infringement laws; with  such a wide amount of people taking it for free it can drain large amounts of money from the original content creators. While established movie directors, artists, musicians, and writers who’s careers have already taken off, to them it might just be some lost profit but the pirating of smaller individuals who’s career can be destroyed by pirating. While torrenting is a great way to spread files around the Internet it can cost the creators large sums of money in lost profit if it was meant to be sold. If you are going to use Bit Torrent or any other torrenting site remember that pirating costs the copyright owner money for every time their property is downloaded without their permission.


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